Organizing Your Gmail Inbox

In this video, learn a few basic ways to organize your Gmail inbox. Learn how to break your inbox into different sections, and how to change what is displayed in those sections. This video covers the different auto-formatted choices Google provides and, for those that wish to customize to further, the Priority Inbox.

Labels and Categories in Gmail

In this video, learn about labels and categories in Gmail. You will learn how to customize what labels and categories are shown on emails or on the label list. Also, discover how to use colors to help organize the labels.

Gmail Filters: Creating Filters

In this video, learn how to create filters in Gmail. Filters are a great way to organize your emails as they are coming in, and are incredibly customizable. Use labels and categories without having to do anything after creating the filter. 

Gmail Filters: Import and Export Filters

In the second part of Gmail Filters, learn how to export and import filters in Gmail.

Bookmarks in Chrome

In this video, learn different ways to add bookmarks in Chrome. After you have learned the three ways to create bookmarks, discover the simple ways to organize your bookmarks to make it easy to find the one you need.

Import and Export Bookmarks in Chrome

In this video, learn how to import bookmarks and settings from other web browsers into Chrome, as well as how to export Chrome bookmarks.

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